Travel Teams

Our travel team season runs from October-July with extensive training and development throughout the off-season. Participants will receive 75 to 100+ hours of elite level instruction, allowing your athlete to refine their game and take it to the next level!

We have an ISA travel team for players of every skill set – our ultimate goal is to help every single player that comes through our doors reach their full potential!

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Powered By

Our POWERED by ISA program allows our instructors to provide specific skill instruction for your already established team or program. Our curriculum is tailored to age, skill and ability level. ISA is centered in creating a progression-based instructional curriculum, complete with throwing mechanics, hitting, defense, pitching/catching, and game situations/baseball IQ & awareness. Our goal is to help each young athlete solidify their mechanical foundation and maximize their individual potential, ultimately creating an unstoppable ball team.

Each POWERED By team will be provided a designated Marucci website to order uniform packages, team branded merchandise, baseball equipment and gear.

APP Core Program

The Athletic Pitcher Program (“APP”) is a 20 week core strengthening program designed to improve velocity, speed, control, mobility, flexibility and strength to allow each athlete to become a better thrower. When paired with proper hitting mechanics, a higher exit velocity speed can also be obtained. Program will start week of October 30th and run through March 18th. Athletes will have the option to train once, twice, or three times weekly. High School athletes are encouraged to train a minimum of twice weekly. It is recommended to allow one day rest between sessions.

During the registration process, please indicate three preferences for training days/times. An ISA staff member will be in contact to confirm your selection. Preferences are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Athletes are expected to train on the same days/times for the duration of the program unless alternate arrangements have been made.

If you have any questions regarding the APP Program, please contact Paul Wagner at 920-370-7022 ext. 703 or


Monday5 to 7pm & 7 to 9pm
Tuesday5 to 7pm & 7 to 9pm
Wednesday5 to 7pm & 7 to 9pm
Thursday5:30 to 7:30pm
FridayNot Available
Sunday11am to 1pm & 4 to 6pm


Sessions per WeekDurationPrice
120 Weeks$400 or $80 per month
220 Weeks$800 or $160 per month
320 Weeks$1200 or $240 per month

10 Week Softball Pitching Program

Join ISA‘s softball pitching instructor, Ashley Nanneman and Kari Bern, for a 10 week pitching program. Both have collegiate level playing experience at the D1 and D3 levels respectfully. Covered in the 10-week program will be a proper warm up routine and pitching form with corrections to reduce the risk of injury, they will also increase the pitcher’s softball IQ and explain the importance of the battery communication.

  • Arm Care: Pre/post pitching exercises for strengthening and injury prevention.
  • Basic Pitching Mechanics: Series of different throwing exercises to help ensure proper mechanics as well as strengthening their arm.
  • Pitch Development: Establishing command and development of pitches, primarily a speed and off-speed pitch.
  • Speed vs. Movement: Discuss the age-old question of what should come first.
  • Pitch Selection: Help pitchers understand the mental side of pitching — what pitches to throw and when. Challenge the athletes to up their softball IQ.
  • Hitter Analysis: Every batter tells a story from their stance to their practice swing, we want pitchers/catchers to be able to read it and determine what pitches to throw.
  • Battery Communication: Learning the importance of a pitcher/catcher pregame and in-game relationship.
  • Pitchers Fielding Practice: Teaching proper ways to field position, along with base coverages or backups.
  • Video Analysis: Online training space for video analysis.  Videos to be broken down through an online app uploaded and available 24/7 to the athletes.

Session 1:

  • Wednesdays, Oct 11 – Dec 20
  • Grades: 3rd – 8th
  • 5pm – 6pm
  • Cost: $350

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ISA 10 Week Softball Hitting Program

Join us at ISA for a program focused on elite level hitting mechanics and efficient base running skills.  With instruction from our ISA staff, this clinic will introduce the ideas and concepts used by professional and college baseball players.  Learn the proper swing mechanics to maximize bat speed and exit velocity.  Instructors will teach the fundamentals and offer adjustments to each athlete’s individual swing.

  • Proper Equipment: Offer advice on bat size and length.
  • Tee Work: Give a stable visual of where they should hit the ball. Allows us to break down the mechanics of a swing.  (Ex. Inside, Outside, Middle, Extension (Serve the Tray), Contact)
  • Hitting Mechanics: To study and improve upon the mechanics involved in hitting, which includes optimizing a player’s swing for either maximizing their bat speed or their time for plate coverage.
  • At-Bat Preparation: Understanding dugout etiquette, preparing yourself as a in-the-hole hitter, on-deck hitter and at-bat batter,
  • Plate Presence: Explaining body placement in box, learning when and how to take signs.
  • Situational Hitting: Learning the scenarios that are encountered in each at bat.
  • Video Analysis: Online training space for video analysis. Videos to be broken down through an online app uploaded and available 24/7 to the athletes.

Session 2:

  • Sundays, Jan 14th – Mar 18th
  • 12:30pm – 2:00pm
  • Grades: 3rd – 12th
  • Cost:  $350

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Utilize the experience of our staff to help develop and strengthen your athlete’s skills in a one-on-one environment. Lessons will be tailored to each athlete’s age and ability. As with any sport, athletes will see the best results with consistent training and instruction.

(30 MINS)
Jenna Woepse$40$75$175$325Train with Jenna
Paul Wagner$40$75$175$325Train with Paul
Jen Roskom$40$75$175$325Train with Jen
Ashley Nanneman$40$75$175$325Train with Ashley
Jennifer Timm$40$75$175$325Train with Jennifer
Amber O'Connell$40$75$175$325Train with Amber
Jess Kropp$40$75$175$325Train with Jess
Jena Paul$40$75$175$325Train with Jena