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At ISA, our travel team season runs from October-July with extensive training and development throughout the off-season. Participants will receive 75 to 100+ hours of elite level instruction, allowing your athlete to refine their game and take it to the next level!

We have an ISA travel team for players of every skill set – our ultimate goal is to help every single player that comes through our doors reach their full potential!

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Powered By

Our POWERED by ISA program allows our instructors to provide specific skill instruction for your already established team or program. Our curriculum is tailored to age, skill and ability level. ISA is centered in creating a progression-based instructional curriculum, complete with throwing mechanics, hitting, defense, pitching/catching, and game situations/baseball IQ & awareness. Our goal is to help each young athlete solidify their mechanical foundation and maximize their individual potential, ultimately creating an unstoppable ball team.

Each POWERED By team will be provided a designated Marucci website to order uniform packages, team branded merchandise, baseball equipment and gear.

ISA 10 Week Baseball Pitching Program

Join ISA‘s Pitching Instructors for a 10 week pitching program. This program will cover all aspects of pitching. Below is more information on what to expect:

  • Arm Care:  Pre/Post throwing exercises for strengthening and injury prevention.
  • Throwing Mechanics:  Series of different throwing exercises to help ensure proper mechanics as well as ways to strengthen their arm.
  • Long Toss Progression:  Long toss program designed by Jason and Erik that will take you through the proper steps and progression to ensure arm health as well build up arm strength.
  • Mound Work:  Once the arm is built up and ready, everyone will throw off mound and get work with Jason and Erik. Emphasis will be on mechanics to optimize an efficient delivery translating to consistency and “easier” velocity.
  • Pitch Development:  Establishing fastball command and the development of a change up. Introduction of a third pitch (depending on athletes age), will be a focus as well.
  • Pitch Sequencing:  Help pitchers understand the mental side of pitching. (What pitches should be thrown in what counts) Challenge the athletes to up their baseball IQ.
  • Pitchers Fielding Practice:  Teaching proper ways to field position, cover bases, and pick off to bases.  Ensuring pitchers are properly equipped to handle all situations.
  • Controlling Baserunners:  Simplify controlling baserunners and the run game. Cover how to properly hold runners to prevent base stealing.
  • Video Analysis:  Online Training Space for video analysis.  Videos to be broken down through an online app uploaded weekly once mound progression starts.  Available 24/7 to Athletes.


Group 1:

  • Wednedays, January 3ndrd – March 6thth
  • Grades: 3rd-7th
  • 5:15pm-6:30pm (12 Pitcher Max)
  • Cost: $350

Group 2:

  • Wednedays, January 3rd – March 7th
  • Grades: 8th-12th
  • 6:45pm – 8:00pm (12 Pitcher Max)
  • Cost: $350

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ISA Team Training

Want to train like an ISA travel team player? We now have an opportunity to do so. More information is below:

  • Elite level ISA instructors will lead all Training
  • No obligation to play for an ISA team
  • Choice of two sessions: Fall (14 Weeks), September through December AND/OR Winter (10 Weeks), January through March
  • Each session will have different progressions with a different training focus. (Fall: Baseball functional strength with throwing and swing focus. Winter: Pitching and live hitting focus.)
  • 1.5 hours of training per week
  • Available twice a week at additional cost
  • Access to use facility during open gym times at ISA
  • Opportunities for discounted Marucci items and custom ISA apparel
  • Pricing: Fall (14 Weeks) $700. Winter (10 Weeks) $500.

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Age GroupDateTimeLocation
9U/10UComing Soon!Coming Soon!Impact Sports Academy
11U/12UComing Soon!Coming Soon!Impact Sports Academy
13UComing Soon!Coming Soon!Impact Sports Academy
14UComing Soon!Coming Soon!Impact Sports Academy
15U-17UComing Soon!Coming Soon!Impact Sports Academy


Utilize the experience of our staff to help develop and strengthen your athlete’s skills in a one-on-one environment. Lessons will be tailored to each athlete’s age and ability. As with any sport, athletes will see the best results with consistent training and instruction.

(30 MINS)
Jason Berken$50$95$225$425Inquire about Availability
Paul Wagner$40$75$175$325Inquire about Availability
Jeremy Horst$50$95$225$425Inquire about Availability
Tanner Gussert$40$75$175$325Inquire about Availability
Doug Coe$50$95$225$425Inquire about Availability
Hunter Larson$40$75$175$325Inquire about Availability
Evan Peterson$40$75$175$325Inquire about Availability
Ryan Fritze$50$95$225$425Inquire about Availability

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